Rochesterfest kicks into second Gear: vendors open & events kick off

(ABC 6 News) – It is hot at Rochesterfest. Cloud cover is almost non-existent outside, and we will not be seeing much cloud cover over the next few days.

One person is still having a lot of fun despite the hot weather. Joe Hennessey was born and raised in Rochester.

“It means a lot because the people that come out, they wanna get out and enjoy themselves. It’s great for everybody, so get out and enjoy it.”

There are plenty of vendors and plenty of activities coming up this week and even a huge tent set up for for people to cool off in. Both visitors and vendors agree staying hydrated will be required this week.

Grace Riess was born and raised in Rochester, and has even worked at the event a few years in the past. She has her thoughts.

“Keep hydrated, especially with water. I tend to not drink pop, just water.”

Aleco Psomas has been going to Rochesterfest the past 5 years, running a vendor that sells gyros and philly cheese steaks.

“Lots of water! Lots of water, and luckily we have tops. So we have plenty of shade. We try not to stand near the grill for too long unless obviously you come get some food. Then, we’ll make it for you.”

In addition to shaded locations, there are also vendors that offer some sweet treats that will help with this heat. Jeff Henry runs an ice cream vendor called BMJ DeLites.

“There’s always a lot of good music here and a lot of good people here, so it’s a lot of fun to be here. The parade on Saturday is always a nice parade too.”

After today, in addition to the parade on Saturday, family night is Wednesday night from 4-8 pm. Then, from 5:30-8:30pm, Rochesterfest will host sports night.

Don’t forget during family night our ABC 6 News weather team will be at Rochesterfest at 7 pm on the main stage for our ABC 6 Weather Lab. They’ll be performing a number of science experiments related to weather!! You’ll want to check it out.

If you want more information on any other events that will be taking place this upcoming week, you can go here.