Rochester-area native debuts musical ‘Broadway Nurse’

(ABC 6 News) – On Friday, June 23 and Saturday, June 24, a Rochester-area native is presenting a musical reading of his show, ‘Broadway Nurse.’

Composer and Mayo Clinic Ph.D. research student Sam Buchl, says the story is inspired by his mother’s own nursing career.

“She’s always loved to sing and she’s always brought music into her practice with her patients,” says Buchl. “This musical is really for her, and for all the nurses and healthcare workers who never really have a chance in the spotlight. It’s been a tough three years for everyone but especially for them so this is also kind of an homage and a thank you.”

Buchl grew up in Kasson-Mantorville, where music has always been a big part of his life. He’s dreamed about writing a musical for more than a decade.

Buchl is thankful to the City of Rochester for supporting his dream, and is hopeful of the musical’s future, saying, “if the people of Rochester have a positive reaction to the show we’ll try to transform it into a musical perhaps for next year with local support, and then a Tony Award who knows!”

It’s not a full production, a reading of the script featuring performances by the vocalists of ‘The Soul Train.’

According to a press release, “The performance has been generously sponsored by the Rochester Downtown Alliance and The Mayo Clinic Dolores Jeans Lavin Center for the Humanities in Medicine.”

Throughout Friday, Buchl will be distributing flyers around downtown Rochester, some acting as a voucher for free admission.

The musical reading will take place at the Chateau Theatre, doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the show beginning at 7:00 p.m.

It’s 90-minutes long with a 10-minute intermission. You can buy tickets here.