Rides, food, and fun: Dodge County Free Fair underway

(ABC 6 News) – 166 years down, and there are many more to go for the Dodge County Free Fair. The state’s oldest county fair that still gets people excited.

From people going on rides to eating all of the tasty fair food, there is something for everyone.

“Great weather. Nice and mild. Not too hot. Great events in the grandstands. Some great food and a great time,” said Jack Crowson, the Treasurer for the Dodge County Free Fair.

In addition to the fair, it’s a big week for those who participate in 4-H and are looking to compete at the State Fair. Over the Dodge County Free Fair, you’ll have a chance to catch the showing of some cows, pigs, horses, and even goats.

“It takes a lot of washing, mashing your birds, and washing your pens. It’s just a whole process,’ Rowan Wyttenbach, a poultry shower explained.

“Bring my animals and kind of show off in a humble way.”

For Landon Bauer, who is also a poultry shower, it’s a way to stake out the competition.

“Know your competition. See what the judge has to say about your animals and other people’s animals so you can learn from them.”

The fair goes until Sunday.

To learn more about the 4-H schedule, you can click here.