Rabbit still missing from the Freeborn County Fair, owners believe it was stolen

(ABC 6 News) – The Olson’s checked in their animals at the fair on Monday and when the kids woke up Tuesday morning, their rabbit “Flash” was not in his cage.

“He called me after a couple of minutes saying something is wrong you have to come over here,” said Alyssa Olson.

Then the family found out their goats were let loose overnight. The Olson’s say sometimes goats can jump out of their pens, but this was different.

“And this time the gates were open, and the pins were gone for locking the goats,” said Robin Olson.

All of the goats have been found but Flash is still missing. Robin thinks that these events are related. She took to social media last week to ask for help in finding her daughter’s pet.

“People have contacted me and given me some names of some teenagers that were involved and have been turned over to the sheriff’s department,” said Robin.

Despite some false leads that have led to some false hope, they are still thankful for those that are providing information.

Freeborn County Sheriff, Ryan Shae, says that the sheriff’s office is fully committed to finding Flash.

As for Elizabeth Olson, she missed out on showing her rabbit in the 4-H show this year.

“Yeah, thankfully another family offered a rabbit for me to show so I got to bring a rabbit into the ring,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and her family say that this has really taken some of the enjoyment out of 4-H this year, but they aren’t giving up hope.

“And when a really important animal goes missing you lose a part of yourself,” said Alyssa.

If you have any information regarding the situation, you are asked to notify the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office at (507)-377-5200.