Quarry Hill Nature Center celebrates its annual fall festival Saturday

(ABC 6 News) – On Saturday, hundreds of people gathered at Quarry Hill Nature Center for its annual Fall Festival celebration.

The park was filled with outdoor activities for people to try, including climbing, canoeing, cave tours, and nature-themed games.

In the end, the event raised more than $16,000 to support the year-round operations, free admissions, and accessibility programs that are suited for people of all ages.

Next weekend is the 50th Anniversary Gala, Party on Prarie celebration.

According to Quarry Hill officials, this is the largest fundraising event they have held so far. It will be a celebration that gives people a look at Quarry Hill’s history and what is next for the center.

There will be multiple speakers at the event.

All of the money raised from the fundraiser will support an endowed naturalist position that allows for program expansion and nature access for all.

The event is sold out and will begin at 5:00 p.m. Saturday for cocktail hour and dinner.