Olmsted County Fair comes to a close

(ABC 6 News) – As the weekend comes to a close, so too does the Olmsted County Fair.

“Lots of ices. Seen a lot of that. The temperature has been crazy,” said Wyatt Roe.

Fair goers battled the extreme heat and adjusted to a few changes to the fair this year. The big one was the temporary bleachers for grandstand events.

“It’s not as good as it has been in years past. But they are doing the best with what they could,” said Hunter Krizan.

“A lot less spectators, a lot less coverage. When you’re so low to the ground you can’t see over the pits,” said Roe.

But, the new bleachers didn’t stop these two from attending the big attraction for the day: the Demolition Derby. Even taking a little bit of the fair home with them.

“They dumped like an entire bumper in one of the trash cans. So yeah, we are carrying it out pretty much,” said Krizan.

Dozens of visitors, dirt flying through the air, and cars crashing into each other, many simply couldn’t miss the junior derby. Some might say they save the best for last.

“I think this brings a lot to the fair every year. This brings in thousands of people every year,” said Krizan.

The Olmsted County Fair even brings people from out of town. Daniel Heimsness moved to Texas nine years ago and is back visiting family. He knew the fair had to be one of his stops.

“They keep a great fairground. It’s always clean, it’s always safe and nice. It’s always just awesome. The people are here for fun and that’s what it is. It’s just a great time to be here,” said Heimsness.

And what would a fair be without its famous food?

“Tom’s Thumbs and now we are going to get a gyro and then after that I’ll probably be done,” said Heimsness.

And while the suns setting on the county fair for this year, many are already eagerly awaiting its return next summer.