OAKS Series: Alejandra Amezcua

(ABC 6 News) – Tonight, we are continuing our series on the Oaks Program at RCTC Oaks stands for overcoming adversity and keeping strong. It’s a scholarship fund that has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to RCTC students in recognition of their hard work.

ABC 6 News is a proud sponsor of the Oaks Scholarship Ceremony and we’re telling their stories of overcoming adversity. Tonight, we are sharing the story of Alejandra Amezcua.

OAKS Series: Alejandra Amezcua

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It was a big move for a 17 year old.

“We drove all the way to California. That’s where I actually went to live there with my mom and my step dad,” said Alejandra Hermosillo Amezcua

Alejandra made the move from Guadalajara, Mexico to California.

“When I got here, I really love it. I love the United States. Uh It was not hard for me to accustom to this culture, to be honest,” said Alejandra.

After living in the United States for a few years, she made another move, this time to Minnesota to be closer to the father of her two oldest children.

“Which it was really pretty good because I’m able to succeed in my dream.”

Alejandra has been in the United States for 15 years and a lot has changed since then. Now, a US citizen Hora is a working single mother of five children.

“To be honest, it’s really hard. I just go day by day.”

She has dealt with financial struggles and issues with mental health. “taking care of five kids, your bills, you know, and still you have to find the time to study?”

But despite the hardships, she persevered soon, she’ll be a registered nurse

“She’s in her third semester here um of RCTC nursing, which takes a lot of hard work. So I’m proud of her. We’re all proud of her. Um But she’s very proud of herself too,” said Tawny Amos.

Tawny, an RCTC instructor, noticed Alejandra’s potential early on and says she has more than earned her scholarship,

“Her positive attitude, her smile every day coming in, she works her work ethics. She works extra hard,” added Tawny.

Alejandra survived a long journey with a soon to be happy and inspiring ending.

“Mentally, you’re not doing ok. You’re struggling with money, you’re struggling with a lot of things but never give up. Pursue your dreams,” she iterates.