New access point for kayaks and canoes under Ramsey Dam opens

(ABC 6 News) – Things are about to get easier for those who canoe and kayak on the Cedar River Water Trail in Austin.

The area has long been used for launching paddling trips, but it’s not easy to get out on the water. Now, there’s a new entrance below the Ramsey Dam featuring a gradually sloped rock surface which makes it easier to launch.

“As of a way in the way in, it was definitely a bit more difficult,” said Madeline Merten who kayaks on this trail.

“Especially if you had younger kids or people who weren’t as mobile or good with balance. I think it was still a good spot but I think this will improve it a lot as well.”

Led by the Cedar River Watershed District and the Austin Public Works Department, Hormel Foods helped fund the project. The funding from Hormel is part of its initiative to strengthen the foundations of the Ramsey Dam.