Nation of Patriots stops in Mason City to raise money for veterans

(ABC 6 News) – This weekend is dedicated to veterans who have served our country and more than 2,000 people are raising money for them and their families in a unique way with a motorcycle procession.    

Since 2009, members of the Nation of Patriots have been hopping on their bikes and driving around the country and this weekend they made a stop in Mason City, IA.

Since its creation, the Nation of Patriots has raised around $1.7 million dollars for veterans.

There were about 73 motorcycles on the road for their trip from Albert Lea to Mason City Sunday to continue their mission for their fellow soldiers.

“Well, this all started the nation of patriots back in 2009 and it’s gotten bigger ever since,” said Scott Kallberg the Road Captain for the Legion Riders of Albert Lea.

Last week, the Nation of Patriots began their tour in Omaha, Nebraska. Now, eight days into their 120-day journey, they have made their way from Albert Lea to Mason City.

“The timing, you know it changes every year depending on what city it starts in or the route it goes. So, just the fact it happens to be coming through on Memorial Day is just it’s special every year no matter what, but the significance is pretty powerful it’s a true honor,” said Coordinator for Patriot Tour Mason City Kyle Easley.

Each rider pays to be a part of the tour, with all of that money going right back to veterans in need.

“As someone who has not served, I’m very appreciative for those who have gave the sacrifice. It’s a great way to say thank you to them and help support people in need,” said Easley.

The motorcycle procession from town-to-town carries a flag that has flown at the Capitol and every leg of the tour has a different flag bearer. Jim Westing was the flag bearer from Albert Lea to Mason City.

“There’s other riders that deserve it more than me, but they voted for me to do and it’s really a great honor,” said Westing.

On Monday, the procession and the flag will be a part of the Memorial Day festivities in Mason City. After that, riders make their way down to Ames, IA, and continue the journey with the riders from Mason City and more donations for veterans.