Nana Gogo Toybrary launches “Adventure Quest” escape room

(ABC 6 News) – The Nana Gogo Toybrary in Rochester is launching a first-of-its-kind “Adventure Quest” experience.

Similar to an escape room, the experience is designed for kids between the ages of three and seven, and their parents.

Opening Saturday, July 1, The goal is to help Farmer Ted round up his animals who escaped their homes before the storm hits. You will need to try your best to solve more than 15 puzzles and riddles in 45 minutes to save the animals. The Quest will include everything preschoolers know about letters, counting, shapes, animals, and logic.

“We wanted to create something parents can do with little kids. A lot of these activities are for older kids. You need to be eight and above for other escape rooms across the country,” said Pavitra Kumar, the founder, and owner of Nana Gogo Toybrary.

Kumar adds, “It was also our way of creating an experience for parents and kids to enjoy while they’re little. There isn’t that much for parents to do. They keep waiting ‘For when my kid is five, we’ll do that.’ Or ‘When my kid is eight, we’ll do that.’ So it’s a great way to show them you can have a ton of fun together.”

To participate, a child needs at least one adult with them. The room can fit six people total. To make the most of the experience, cell phones are not allowed inside the escape room.

The “Adventure Quest” costs $13.99 a person and includes a day of Stay and Play at the Toybrary. Toybrary Annual Members can receive a 15% off discount.

Walk-ins are welcome but you are encouraged to book in advance.