MnDOT reminds event holders to apply for permits when using state highways

(ABC 6 News) – The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is reminding organizations sponsoring special events this summer to apply for permits in order to use state highways for races, parades, festivals, and other community activities.

MnDOT said a permit is required to use the state highway or right of way. Ensuring access and control of a road simplifies the organization process and improves the safety of the event.

MnDOT said to follow these helpful tips to acquire a permit:

  • Include a Traffic Control Plan. Decide if signage, a detour, flaggers or other operation will control traffic impacted by road closures.
  • Insert cooperation with local municipalities. Information regarding assistance from local law enforcement and governing bodies eases the process when reviewing a Special Event Permit application.
  • Reuse past permits. For annual events, let last year’s permit lead the way through reapplication.

For more information about MnDOT permits, CLICK HERE.