Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program seeking Type O blood donations

(ABC 6 News) – The Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program is asking for blood donations due to what it says is a drop off after the Fourth of July holiday.

They say in recent days, due to high amounts of travel, vacations, and hectic schedules surrounding the holiday, blood collections have taken a dip resulting in this urgent need.

The program is specifically seeking Type O blood which is needed by patients’ undergoing surgeries or treatment for medical problems, such as cancer, bleeding disorders, liver damage, burns and severe bacterial infections.

Type O blood is essential as it is considered the universal bloody type and can be given to any patient in need.

To schedule your blood donation appointment at the Northwest Blood Donor Center or at the Hilton Building Blood Donor Center, call the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Center at 507-284-4475 or CLICK HERE.