Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan stops in Winona to discuss infrastructure

(ABC 6 News) – Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan was in Winona Thursday to discuss infrastructure in the city.

As part of her visit, Flanagan toured two buildings at Winona State University that are going to be torn down and replaced by the brand new CEICL building.

Winona State’s President John Olson said the building will run off solar energy, and save Minnesota taxpayers money. “The idea behind it is to combine math and statistics, art and design, and computer science into a single collaborative that we think is going to be an engine for future growth of the Minnesota economy”.

Lt. Gov. Flanagan also stopped by Levee Park along the Mississippi River, where city officials are trying to secure funding to build a riverfront bike trail. “So I learned that this is an incredible example of folks together across jurisdiction and funding that’s coming in from the port, the city from the state to really make a beautiful space here”, Flanagan said.