Local farmers meet to talk about soil health

(ABC 6 News) – Farmers met at a local acreage near Pine Island on Tuesday afternoon to discuss cover crops and soil health.

Several organizations, including a number of soil water conservation districts, spoke with local farmers.

There were also several members from these districts who talked about programs they can take part in involving cover-crops and no-till, both of which are said to have major benefits during drought.

Adam King, the District Manager of the Dodge County Soil & Water Conservation District, talks about the benefits of cover crops. “After you terminate a lot of the cover crops, you’re going to be able to retain a lot of the  moisture; it’s going to cover up the soil; it’s going to keep the sun from beating down on it.”

Cover crops are crops that are designed to cover the soil and keep moisture trapped rather than be harvested.

These programs are set to be helpful with harvest season just around the corner.