Liberian community in Austin celebrates independence

(ABC 6 News) – The Liberian Association for Progress (LAP) invited the whole community for the inauguration and independence celebration.

It was a time to bring people together and unite.

“Liberians are everywhere in Minnesota but just a handful in the City of Austin,” L.A.P. planning chairman Joseph Tarpeh said.

Everyone was welcome to take part in this celebratory event.

From the red carpet to the music, all under the Liberian flag.

Founded in 2019, the organizations has only grew and gained notoriety.

Representative Patricia Mueller and Senator Gene Dornick were in attendance.

“For them to take their time to come over here is really a big achievement for us, I feel like we are going somewhere and people will recognize us now,” L.A.P. president Sam Wylie said.

Some even traveled out of state to be there.

For the L.A.P. leaders, it meant a lot.

“We invited everyone here so that they can know that we Liberians, we are here, we want to be vibrant in the City of Austin and the Mower County surrounding area,” Tarpeh said.

Officers were also inducted into L.A.P.

Wylie shared his vision for the future.

“We got to unite everybody, I know it’s not going to be easy but with the help of my leadership and colleagues and stuff like that, we’re going to unite them,” said Wylie.

Wylie said he also wants to help those back in Liberia and hopes this group continues to grow.