Iowa Senate Democrats elect new Minority Leader ahead of 2024 caucuses

(ABC 6 News) – Iowa Senate Democrats elected a new Minority Leader Wednesday night, ousting former leader Sen. Zach Wahls.

Sen. Pam Jochum, who is currently serving her fourth term in the Iowa Senate and represents District 36, encompassing Dubuque and part of Dubuque County, replaced previous Democratic Leader Zach Wahls, of Coralville.

While the exact reason for Wahls’ removal has not yet been made public, the change was made unanimously ahead of the 2024 Iowa Caucuses.

Sen. Jochum released the following statement:

“I am honored to receive the unanimous support of my fellow Democratic Senators during this critical moment for our caucus and the state of Iowa.”

“As a united team, Senate Democrats will continue to fight for the principles we believe in on behalf of the people of Iowa. We’re fighting for strong working families and the rights and freedoms of all people. We’re fighting for high-quality public education and affordable, accessible healthcare in every community.”

“Senate Democrats look forward to offering a better way forward for the people of Iowa – in 2024 and beyond. We’re going to defend our incumbent senators, grow our caucus, and win a majority that delivers for middle-class Iowans.”

Pam Jochum, Iowa Senate Minority Leader

Sen. Jochum thanked Sen. Wahls for his dedication saying, “I want to thank Sen. Wahls for his vision and leadership in guiding our caucus over the last three legislative sessions.”

Sen. Jochum has advocated for expanding affordable health insurance coverage, protecting disability health services and more during her time in politics.

The next session of the Iowa General Assembly begins Jan. 8, 2024.