Halloween Express not just about shopping for costumes, but giving back in more ways than one

(ABC 6 News) – It’s the spookiest time of year. Perhaps, the time of year people show their most creativity. With hundreds of costumes on the walls of Halloween Express, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re on a budget, or going after your favorite character.

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend a record $108.24 this year on costumes. Slightly up from the previous record of $102.74 in 2021.

“A customer can be anything they want to be. If we don’t have it, we try to create it,” said Dena Khchee, an employee at Halloween Express.

Whether you’re going for some of the more popular options — a witch, Barbie or Wednesday Addams, there are ways to make that happen. Even if you can’t afford the officially licensed costume.

“From bits to pieces, you know, to hats, to wigs, to masks. As well as swords swords flails, pirate patches, and things of that sort can really make a costume come together,” explained Kristen Baker, one of the Managers at Halloween Express.

In addition to coupons, look out for loyalty programs at stores. Halloween Express has ‘Boo Bucks.’ Giving you two dollars on every $20 you spend. While you spend money, the store is giving back.

“Halloween Express is not a year-round business. So a business that comes in for a short season, being willing to jump in, and donate in our community is wonderful.” Breanna Bly, a coach for John Marshall Volleyball is one of the people who benefited from the store’s donations.

The store donated about $200 worth of merchandise to the team’s Block Out Cancer Night. The night was in honor of Alex Schmidt, a former student who died from cancer.

“Just to see a business willing to give back, it wasn’t even a question, it was an ‘of course,'” added Bly.

The giving, doesn’t just stopping at costumes, as Khchee explains.

“The energy is just fantastic. It’s not, you know, you come into work, and you’re this, that. The energy is just high. it’s fun, it’s exciting. ‘This is Halloween. This is Halloween’ and we are Halloween Express.”

Halloween Express is open through early November.