Great Frontier Bull Riding at the Olmsted County Fair Friday night

(ABC 6 News) – We are nearing the last few days of the Olmsted County Fair but that doesn’t mean the fun is stopping. Friday night is the Great Frontier Bull Riding show at the grandstand.

The key is to stay on the bull for eight seconds and the riders can only use one hand on something called a bull rope. While people sit in amazement as riders try to stay on, there might be another thing on their minds – the heat. The bulls are used to it.

“We have water buckets that are always filled for them when they’re on the premise. It’s something that everybody is used to,” said Jennifer Kattevold, the Owner of Great Frontier Bull Riding Company, Inc. We do take precautions in staying in constant contact with the fair committee. If there’s anything that they’re concerned about that we need to have a discussion about. But we do the same kind of precautions that say maybe the construction workers are doing out on the highways.”

The show is at 7 p.m. at the grandstand. You can buy tickets at the door.