Gas prices on the rise across Minnesota, Iowa

(ABC 6 News) – Across the country, gas prices are on the rise. The national average is up 22 cents in just the past week. But it’s nothing compared to the trend that was started last year at this time.

In Minnesota, prices are up 16 cents in just the last week. That’s more than 40 cents from a month ago.

Nationally, average prices are up 28 cents in just the last month, and experts at GasBuddy say much of that can be blamed on the weather. According to the Associated Press, oil refineries generally don’t operate above 95 degrees and states with refineries have been sizzling this summer. That’s cut production.

“You know it makes me sad they can’t figure out how to solve the problem with gas. It’s expensive. We are spending more money for gas and not on other other things. I like to travel a lot so it’s inhibiting my travel a little bit.” said Minnesota resident Barbara Lokken.

The encouraging news is that prices for unleaded gasoline has started to level out and even go down a bit. But for diesel, it’s up 15 cents in the past week and that trend is expected to continue rise.