Freedom Rock of Freeborn County gets artistic touch

(ABC 6 News) – The Freedom Rock of Freeborn County received a special facelift from an artist who’s been painting Freedom Rocks across the country.

Ray Sorensen spent the past week painting the rock.

With help from the American Legion Riders, he was able to highlight local stories in the community.

Like Cory Goodnature, who gave is life for the country in Afghanistan, and the Levisen brothers who served in World War II.

They also noted Freeborn County being the first purple heart county in Minnesota.

“It was important to make this county the first purple heart county, but it was also important to them to feature that on this rock so that’s what we did,” Sorensen said.

This was the seventh Freedom Rock Sorensen has painted in Minnesota.

He has also painted every Freedom Rock in Iowa and plans to paint at least one in every state.