Family remembers 4th of July house fire

(ABC 6 News) – The 4th of July is a celebration that typically involves fireworks, for one family in Byron it was a day that drastically changed their lives.

Lowell Thomason and his family were part of a fireworks accident which resulted in their house being burnt down.

The house was nothing but a blaze just a year ago and the family was working together to rebuild it.

“At the time, my family was in sleeping, I was up watching a movie and I just happened to see the glow of a fire over top of the garage and went outside to try to put it out with a garden hose, no luck and that was it.”

No one was harmed but for Lowell and his family, the road of recovery was tough as they had to constantly move to find temporary housing.

“Two hotels, and then a friend’s house, and then a rental house, and then eventually back into the other house.”

Through community fundraising Lowell’s insurance, they are finally closing in to moving back into the home which was nothing but flames a year ago.

The Byron community raised $6,000 and to rebuild the house was double of what the house originally cost, $190,000.

Built from the ground up, the Thomason’s are ready to put this moment behind them and move forward.

Lowell said his family doesn’t have any big plans for the 4th of July this year, but the family is finally excited to move back into their home in two weeks.