Family picking up the pieces and recovering after fire in Cannon falls

(ABC 6 News) – Back in April, three children were pulled from a burning house in Cannon Falls.

A 10-month-old baby girl, Sequoyah Johnson, died from smoke inhalation. She turned one over the weekend.

ABC 6 News has been speaking with the family, how they are picking up the pieces after the deadly fire, and checking in on how the children are healing.

Jayceon, just seven-years-old, was released from the hospital a few weeks ago. His parents say he is loving his freedom, only using an inhaler for the smoke injuries sustained in the fire.

Kei’Lani, younger than two-years-old, is still hospitalized with a feeding tube, but her parents say that she is doing much better and they are hopeful she is coming home soon.

They say both children are “smiley” and full of life.