Eyota back to banking

(ABC 6 News) – In small towns, it’s a big deal when you lose a staple like a grocery store or a restaurant.

This winter in Eyota, it was the bank. But, unlike many small-town business casualties this closure didn’t stay permanent.

Bremer Bank was the only bank in Eyota and it shut down this winter.

“And it honestly was a nightmare. We either had to go to Rochester or St. Charles. We were counting down the days until Foresight came into Eyota and we are so happy with them,” said Eyota resident Julie Kaehler.

And if having a bank again wasn’t good enough for the time being, there’s some added convenience.

“It’s a great thing for the grocery store, the community and the hours work really well together,” said Mayor Tyrel Clark.

Foresight Bank is temporarily operating out of the grocery store in town. You can get gas right at the same place too. That will eventually change once Foresight Bank puts up a building of its own.

“The city and the economic development authority had a very active role in perusing new banks coming to town. Foresight was one first ones we talked to. And it was a really good conversation between the two them. And I think it really worked out great for the city, the community, and for Foresight.

A small town happy to have a bank again. Like the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.’

“It’s super important to have a bank in a small community. To be able to help the community and the residents itself, but also be able to be here to support the businesses and allow them to be able to reach their financial needs and goals as well,” said Amy Novotne.