Drag Storytime in Austin met with protest

(ABC 6 News) – It’s meant to be an entertaining and educational event at the Austin Public Library, but Thursday’s book reading garnered a lot of attention.

Local drag queen Roxi Manacoochi was scheduled to host “Drag Story Time,” but even before she got there, supporters and protesters were waiting for her.

“Keep the drag queen from reading stories to our kids,” protestor Sam Brunton said.

Protestors from Stand4Right were holding up signs in protest. While supporters held up rainbow flags and signs to show support.

“We are here for love and ready to support her reading some amazing stories to some children,” supporter Jenna Couch said.

Both sides had strong beliefs, but that didn’t stop story time. The children and adults listened as Roxi read several children’s books.

“Little kids can get their minds warped by reading stuff to them,” Brunton said.

“There’s so much ignorance and misunderstanding and hate basically that’s being spread and it’s gotta stop,” Couch said.

Roxi has been reading stories to children in the community since 2019 and there was a lot of anticipation for Thursday’s event.

“There was a lot of buildup to today and we had an absolutely wonderful crowd,” Roxi said.

Roxi understands there are people that don’t think drag queens should be reading to children, but she says she’s determined to share her love of reading.

Everyone has their own opinion, but for Roxi, she thinks the noise outside was a good thing.

“There’s only good publicity out there so the more people hear about it the more it’s going to spread whether it’s in negative light or positive light,” said Roxi.