DMC Board looks to the future of Rochester

2025 DMC Development Plan Update

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(ABC 6 News) – The city of Rochester seems to be ever changing; a group responsible for much of that is Destination Medical Center.

DMC held a board meeting today to discuss future projects in downtown as DMC continues to move forward.

DMC has worked on many projects like Discovery Square. In fact, utilizing this space was a main topic at today’s meeting. DMC looked into a project on the fifth floor that would be a shared lab space. Startup companies would use the labs for their research and development.

DMC Executive Director Partick Seeb said the companies would share lab equipment and technology, making the financial burden a lot less on the new businesses.

“The idea is for it to be easier for companies to begin their work to launch their work and hopefully grow into a successful business,” said Seeb.

Another project that got a lot of attention in recent years? Upgrading the riverfront in downtown.

The DMC board took a look at some renditions of what the final project would look like and how it will modernize the area while also playing into the city’s historical district.

“It’s not only about the riverfront, but it’s a way to make our city more attractive to young people, students at the University of Minnesota, make it more attractive to the people who live here who want to come downtown for the day. It makes it more attractive for the people visiting here,” said Seeb.

The city of Rochester plans to ask the Minnesota legislature next year for bond money to get this project done.