Crash near Apache Mall sends two to the hospital

(ABC 6 News) – Witnesses said excessive speed likely played a role in a crash in front of Apache Mall just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday.

Multiple police, fire fighters, and ambulances were on the scene.

We are awaiting an official crash report, but according to the Rochester Police Department (RPD), a Mustang was traveling east on 12th St., and appeared to have a green light at the intersection at Memorial Pkwy.

A Honda Odyssey traveling west on 12th St. was making a left turn at the intersection to enter the mall parking lot when the Mustang hit it, causing the van to spin and go into the ditch.

The Honda was driven 43-year-old female, and had a 34-year-old male passenger.

The Mustang was driven by an 18-year-old male from Rochester, with two male passengers ages 18 and 19.

We’re told by the Rochester Fire Department (RFD) that four adults went to the hospital, two from each vehicle involved.

However, Thursday morning, RPD says two adults from the Honda were taken to St. Marys with non-life threatening injuries.

“The sports car came through the intersection going roughly 60 to 70 miles per hour, T-boned the van, and the car spun around two times and went into the ditch,” witness Erik Clark said.

We asked the fire captain on scene about what those witnesses said regarding speed.

He said it’s too early to say for sure but that’s certainly something that will be looked into as the investigation into this crash gets underway.

RPD Captain Casey Moilanen explains, “You would think if you make a left-hand turn and don’t yield to the oncoming traffic, that it would be your fault. But if the oncoming traffic is speeding, then they give up their right to have the right-of-way.”

This investigation is on-going.