Collapsed building owner pleads guilty to $300 fine from City of Davenport, IOWA

(WQAD) The owner of the partially collapsed Davenport apartment building, Andrew Wold, has pleaded guilty to his $300 dollar fine from the City of Davenport. The fine is issued to Wold, and his company, Davenport Hotels LLC. It’s for failure to maintain the building in a safe, sanitary and structurally sound condition.

Wold’s lawyer Jack O’Brien appeared on behalf of him. O’Brien said Wold will pay the fine as soon as it’s entered into the court’s system. 

On Friday, Wold’s lawyers motioned to withdraw as Wold’s counsel. But records filed on Monday morning say they moved to withdraw that motion.

O’Brien was not alone, however, as a small group of protestors gathered outside the courthouse. They held signs saying “Murderer” and “Hold Andrew Wold responsible.”

One protestor, Margaret Stafford, had a son who lived in the building. 

“Protesters, they’re the nerve in the community,” Stafford said. “It’s not our job to make things happen. It’s our job to make people aware that things need to happen.”

“There’s no way when you’re advocating with a child that when someone theoretically could have killed them if it weren’t for sheer luck or grace on his part, there’s no way I wouldn’t not show up for court,” Stafford said.