City Councilmember Molly Dennis’ claim unsubstantiated by investigation report

(ABC 6 News) – Back in March, the Rochester City Council censured Ward 6 councilmember Molly Dennis, calling behavior she’d displayed threatening and demeaning.

Dennis said she has ADHD and the council’s censure was disability discrimination.

The city hired a law firm to investigate Dennis’s claims and Thursday the city released the findings of that investigation.

Dennis claimed the city failed to accommodate her under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The 54-page report said none of her allegations are substantiated.

Dennis doesn’t believe the investigation was neutral.

She said she should have had a say in which law firm conducted the investigation, but it was solely chosen by the city.

She also said nobody in the city notified her the investigation was complete and she found out the same time the media did.

This is what Dennis said back in March when we talked to her shortly after being censured. “It’s going to be really hard I think to come back into a collective working body with councilmembers who I believe need to regain trust.”

The report found clear and convincing evidence that Dennis has engaged in repeated and ongoing disruptive behaviors raising her voice and yelling in public settings.

Those actions are what led the city council to take action.

Councilmember Dennis was disappointed by the outcome, but she won’t stop here.

She plans to go through the equal employment opportunity commission for mediation.