Chapman House Foundation assists homeless veterans

Chapman House Foundation Assists Homeless Vets

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(ABC 6 News) – The program that assisted hundreds of veterans in Texas since 2009 has made its way north to Minnesota.

The Chapman House Foundation is working with Home Depot to provide up to seven homes for veterans experiencing homelessness

They started in Albert Lee, aiming to reach as many vets as they possibly can in Minnesota. The foundation is looking to provide homes to Rochester and Mason City, Iowa, as well.

Currently, around 50 volunteers are working in the basement of a small office, providing two veterans jobs.

“Up towards Minneapolis and Saint Paul they get, you know, a lot more resources up in those larger cities,” Acknowledged Chapman House founder Kevin Chapman. “But in, in rural Minnesota, sometimes veterans are overlooked. And so that’s why the Chapin House Foundation is focusing our starting point in Southern Minnesota to reach those veterans.

“Part of our values is to give back to the community. And you know, we’re here demonstrating that that’s part of our culture,” said Brennen Mogensen, the operations assistant store manager at Home Depot.

The Chapman House Foundation is now encouraging other cities to reach out to them so they can continue helping more veterans alongside volunteers from Home Depot.