Broken sprinkler causes water damage at NW Rochester condo building

(ABC 6 News) — The Rochester Fire Department responded to a fire call at a condominium building in northwest Rochester Friday morning.

Fire department Battalion Chief Brian Peterson tells ABC 6 News, they were called to the scene just after 9:30 on Friday morning. Crews found out that the sprinkler system was running, which prompted the fire call. However, there was never a fire. One of the sprinklers was broken, activating the system, and causing water damage in the building.

The commotion gave one resident a rude awakening.

“I woke up, I think it was probably around 9 am and I heard the fire alarms going off, wondering what was going on. I went into the hallway, and everyone was out in the hall. We looked at the door to the front staircase and it looked like there had been flooding going on. We opened the door and then the stairs were just… Water was just pouring down the stairs,” explained Sophie Schwarz.

Crews were still on the scene cleaning things up and assessing the damage. into Friday afternoon, with sections of the building blocked off.