Albert Lea Schools Hold First Back to School Festival

Despite some afternoon sprinkles and one of the cooler days we have had in a while, residents of Albert Lea enjoyed the first ever back to school festival.

It was held outside Albert Lea high school and featured plenty of games and fun activities. The event allowed students and staff of Albert Lea schools at all grade levels to connect with the community.

Tonya Franks works for Albert Lea Schools as the Executive Director for Academics & Accountability. She had thoughts on the event as a whole. “Our students are our why, and this is why we do the work we do every day in education. So, we wanted to make sure that we made a point to welcome our students back and our staff back because that centers around our why.

The event rapped up with keynote speaker and best-selling author Joe Beckman. School starts in Albert Lea on August 22nd.