Jodi Huisentruit: 28 Years Later

(ABC 6 News) On June 27, 1995, anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit awoke in her Mason City apartment building and headed to work. The same way she did every weekday morning.

Jodi Huisentruit never arrived to work that morning and has not been seen since.

On the 28th anniversary of the day she went missing, those who miss her and want her to come home gathered at the spot she never arrived on that fated June morning.

In 2003, the website made its debut to help bring Jodi home. Their goal was to keep Jodi’s case in the spotlight and for the website to serve as a clearinghouse for tips that might lead to Jodi.

On this Tuesday morning, podcaster and FindJodi team member Scott Fuller was there to help shine a spotlight on the case.

“It’s always a bittersweet day, on one hand, it’s a beautiful day. Tuesday. the same day of the week Jodi disappeared 28 years ago this morning. The people gathered here are friends and colleagues of Jodi in life. They’ll end up telling happy, funny stories of Jodi, but we’re here for a very sad reason,” explains Fuller.

This year marks the milestone of her being missing one year longer than those whose loved ones were able to spend with her, with her disappearing at only 27 years old.

“We have to remain hopeful that something is going to break, that some element, some piece of information is going to come in that’s gonna give law enforcement what they need to finally close this case.”