Temperatures Fall Back… Big Time

With only minor accumulations locally from last night’s snow, blowing snow will be limited on the morning commute despite gusty winds. However, the rain from yesterday has also frozen up in many areas. It will be an issue on roads in rural areas or in other areas that were not treated yesterday. If you plan to travel on these roads, give yourself extra time.

Temperatures will be cut by over half from what they were yesterday. We are only getting into the upper teens and low-20s for highs. However, with the wind chill factored in, we are looking at sub-zero wind chills most of the day. A couple communities could break single digits above zero, but most will not.

We have an isolated chance for a quick flurry Saturday morning right around sunrise, but most will miss out on this activity, if not everyone, and no impacts are expected from them.

If you are upset about the rapid cool down, which most probably are, we warm back up again next week.