Rain changes to a burst of snow

A warm scenario will turn blustery and cold over the course of Thursday. Rain enters the picture after sunrise as a quick moving system approaches. That rain will turn to snow in the afternoon with a strong punch of colder air. Changeover time will be from 1-3 PM across our area. The intensity will be up. The ground will be warm. But the conditions on the travel scene should turn slushy if not snow covered altogether. A breeze from the north gusting 35+ mph will mean visibility may drop sharply as snow flies and in the open it may stir up a bit.

For rain, amounts around 2/10″ to 4/10″ look likely before the changeover. For snow, totals will range from a dusting southeast to as much as 3″ on our northwest edge. Still more further in that direction. The element of melting in the warm start will definitely come into play and may adjust the totals.

Temperatures go from the low 40s around noon to 30 by sunset and teens by Friday morning. The wind chill will take the trip sub-zero too. A cold weekend is in place. A couple overnights will feature single digit temps. And that’s quite chilly for the second half of March.