RPD: Man cuts hole into business’ roof, scared off by owner

(ABC 6 News) – ROCHESTER, Minn. – The Rochester Police Department said the suspect in an attempted burglary was likely scared off when the owner of the business showed up.

The RPD said it received a call from the owner of Med City Coin on the 300 block of Elton Hills Drive NW. He told police around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday he received a notification on his phone from the alarms at his business. He was able to view security cameras and said he didn’t see anyone but heard what sounded like power tools.

The owner went to the business to check things out and told officers he saw a man holding a bag walking away from the business, go up a hill into a vehicle and left. The vehicle appeared to be driven by a woman. The owner tried to follow the vehicle but lost it and then returned to the store and called police.

The Rochester Fire Department also responded to take a look at the roof. Firefighters located an approximately two-foot by two-foot hole that had been cut into the roof over Devine Immigration, another business in the building.

Police said the man took off before actually taking anything from the business.

No arrests have been made. Limited suspect information was provided.