Rochester Mayor Kim Norton’s 2022 State of the City address

(ABC 6 News) – Mayor Norton, joined by community leaders, delivered her State of the City speech Friday afternoon highlighting the challenges the community has overcome during the pandemic, goals, strategies, and ambitions for this next year.

The State of the City comes as the City of Rochester published its 2021 Year in Review video, which highlights the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as key accomplishments of the organization over the past year.

Mayor Norton began her speech by addressing the city’s COVID mitigation efforts.

She says Rochester’s reputation as a "city of health" depends on its citizens who have a responsibility to get vaccinated and wear a mask to protect their neighbors.

Mayor Norton went on to speak about the city’s push towards sustainability. She says she needs your help to reach Rochester’s green city goals.

"The efforts to achieve these goals will fall into two categories. City and staff controlled and community effort. That means you. The efforts to achieve these goals are going to be city-wide and I do ask for your help," Norton said.

Mayor Norton said she wants to continue building rapid transit and hopes rochester is recognized for its "liveable high quality of life."

You can watch the full address below: