Maxwell Petersen

(ABC 6 News) – Just when it seems like Maxwell Petersen has done everything, December 15th saw him record his 200th career win, a Byron school record, however, Petersen is just glad he got the win.

"Just score points, go out there and score points. Don’t worry about the big win. I mean, I’m very proud of it. I’m, but it was mainly focused on my normal style to score points," Petersen said.

"He just exuberates wrestling. Like, he knows what it takes to be successful. And yeah, it’s super impressive, we’re super proud of him as a coaching staff," said co-head Byron wrestling coach Ryan Radke.

Petersen has always been seen as a step ahead, according to his coaches. Unafraid to grapple with some of the state’s best or out-of-state’s best, win or lose.

"He does the right things he wins with respect, he loses with respect. After he lost his state finals match last year to Chase DeBlaere, he hugged him. He didn’t show any poor sportsmanship," Nate Nelson, Byron wrestling co-head coach said.

"Go up to Fargo, wrestles a kid that was ranked second in the state, got second or third the year before, tech falls him," Radke said.

Petersen is poised for even bigger competition at North Dakota State University where he is committed to wrestling.

"I’d say the coaches, I connected with them and I connected with a lot of the teammates already there I’d say overall the school is great. And it’s a perfect kind of distance away from home for me so," Petersen said.

Petersen believes he will win every time he takes the mat with both the confidence and the success to back it up. He continues to be a force for Byron and yet is still on his way to reaching new heights.

"I would like another state title I feel like I’ve worked very hard and I deserve this one more," Petersen said.