Charges dismissed for Perham man in coma

(ABC 6 News) – Olmsted County dropped all charges against a Perham man who remains in a coma after a car crash on July 29.

The court dismissed three cases against 31-year-old Avey Larson, including charges of 5th-degree assault during an alleged brawl in front of a Holiday gas station in June.

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After Larson failed to appear at a trespassing hearing on July 26, the state issued a warrant for his arrest.

However, according to the Minnesota State Patrol, Larson was struck by a Ford F150 in Eagan on July 29.

According to the State Patrol’s report, Larson was walking northbound in the middle lane of traffic, while a 59-year-old woman drove in the same direction and struck Larson at about 11:47 p.m., resulting in life-threatening injuries.

Olmsted County Court canceled the outstanding warrant and charges for Larson Tuesday, Aug. 16, after learning about the crash.

"The State has received information that Defendant was in an automobile accident on July 29, 2022," the warrant dismissal reads. "Defendant has remained in a coma since that date. Defendant’s prognosis is that he is unlikely to recover cognitive function. Accordingly, pursuant to Rule 30.01, and considering Rule 20.01, subd. 3(a), the State dismisses this matter in the interests of justice."