Channel One receives $75K from Mayo Clinic

(ABC 6 News) – Channel One Regional Food Bank announced a $75,000 grant from Mayo Clinic, which will be used to increase food access and alleviate Olmsted County’s financial stress.

Director of development and communications Jessica Sund said those were identified as strong needs in Olmsted County’s recent Community Needs Health Assessment.

Channel One also said the top five most-requested food shelf items — meat, poultry and fish; fresh produce; dairy; eggs; and cooking/baking supplies — have jumped in price over the last year.

"Mayo Clinic’s grant funding will enable Channel One to continue providing hunger relief amidst rising food costs," Sund said in a press release. "That, in turn, improves the overall health of our community.

"There are so many people facing financial difficulties right now due the supply chain challenges and increased costs of necessities," she added. "When you can’t afford basic necessities– like food, utilities, transportation, medical treatment and housing– it impacts every aspect of your life."