What the Tech? Too many streaming services

(ABC 6 News) – Remember all the excitement about streaming services a few years ago and the value they offered, and we all signed up. Maybe for several of them? Now that subscription prices continue to rise, many people are discovering they’re paying for things they don’t need.

A new study by Hub Research reveals that for the first time, American households reduced the number of services they subscribe to each month.

The average household subscribes to nearly 13 streaming services. Households with kids subscribe, on average to 16 streaming services. That can cost well over 100 dollars a month, maybe $200, and streaming services have risen.

Here are a few ways you can save money if you think you may be paying too much:

Take an inventory of what you’re paying for. Check credit card statements. You may have forgotten you signed up for a free trial that converted to a paying subscription. Chances are you won’t get emails from services you’re paying for each month so it’s best to consistently look over credit card statements for any payments you’re not aware of.

Search your email for the keyword “subscription” to make sure you aren’t missing something. When you subscribe to anything, whether it’s a streaming service or something else, you should get an email about your new account.

Look for special deals you may be missing. Wireless carriers offer free perks that sometimes include free or discounted subscriptions. T-Mobile offers free Netflix and Apple TV+ subscriptions for some phone plans. Verizon offers discounts on Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, Paramount, and Showtime and If someone in your family buys a new Apple device, they’ll get a free 3 months of Apple TV+.

Try the “FAST” approach which stands for “free-ad-supported-TV” services like The Roku Channel, Pluto, Tubi, and FreeVee offer 100% free streaming movies and TV. Amazon owns Freevee and even makes some of its Prime video content available for free with commercials.

If you’re paying for more than you need, it could be time to use that old closet trick where if you haven’t worn something in a year, you get rid of it. If you haven’t watched a service you’re paying for, maybe it’s time to unsubscribe.

Finally, you can rotate subscriptions. Keep Netflix until you see most of what you want, then pause the subscription and rotate to Apple TV until you see everything there. Keep rotating them to save a good bit every month. These services all make it easy to unsubscribe and resubscribe as often as you like.