6 On Your Side, Consumer Confidence: Air purifiers for wildfire smoke

(ABC 6 News) – If you look anywhere on social media, you’ll see pictures and videos of the hazardous air quality conditions across the country.

This is being caused by the wildfires in Canada.

Here are some products you can get to help you breathe easier during this time.

The 300-dollar Blueair earns an Excellent rating for clearing out smoke particles at all of its three speeds.

For less, consider the Honeywell InSight, it is excellent at removing smoke on its high-speed setting.

And the Winix, also aces CR’s smoke and dust removal tests on its high-speed setting.

“You’ll want to keep it running 24/7 and change the filter as soon as the indicator light comes on. But if you can’t right away, keep the air purifier running because a full, dirty filter is still better than none at all,” Perry Santanachote from Consumer Reports said.

To maximize the effectiveness of an air purifier, follow these tips, Close and Seal windows and doors.

Try spending the bulk of your time in a room with as few windows as possible. That room should not have a fireplace or anything else that vents to the outside.