Parent speaks out on bus rollover crash in Fillmore County

Parent speaks out on bus rollover crash in Fillmore County

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(ABC 6 News) – Students from Winona middle school are still recovering from injuries, after a field trip turned tragic on Friday when their school bus crashed in rural Fillmore County.

Out of the 40 people on board, 35 were students. One concerned parent recounts her daughter’s experience with being on that bus.

“She complained of major head pain, she had bleeding coming from her ear, she had a little bit of blood coming from her finger,” Winona middle school parent Jackie Tadewald said.

Sixth grader Katelynn Tadewald suffered injuries in the crash. She described the accident as sudden and terrifying.

She sat directly behind the bus driver and noted they were driving near the edge of the road, almost onto the grass before the bus flipped.

Her mom Jackie, who wasn’t at the scene, said she was shocked when she heard the news.

“It was traumatizing, and being a first responder of my own because I’m a licensed EMR, I tried to be as brave as I could knowing she’s in good hands but that mom in me, wanted to get in my vehicle and drive out there as fast as I could.”

Now Katelynn is recovering from her injuries which includes a sprained shoulder, a concussion, and an abrasion in her ear that Jackie said needs to be drained.

it’s still unknown what caused the bus to roll over in the first place and what potential consequences the bus driver could face.

Parents like Jackie hopes those answers come soon.