Rochester Salvation Army Exchange with Sri Lanka

Salvation Army exchange

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(ABC 6 News) – The Salvation Army in Rochester is always looking to help out those in need and soon they’ll be helping people over 8,000 miles away.

A representative from the Salvation Army in Sri Lanka visited Rochester. This is part of Rochester Salvation’s exchange with the country which will lead to some representatives to make the trip over there later this year.

Lieutenant Colonel Prakash Rao is the territorial program secretary of the Salvation Army Sri Lanka.

He’s been visiting facilities in the state to learn more about the efforts the Salvation Army are doing to help people in need.

“Here in Rochester, the social services, they’re doing very good work here, especially feeding the people,” Lt. Col. Rao said.

He’s also visiting because Salvation Army representatives in Rochester will be travelling to Sri Lanka to aid them with projects.

They’ll work to support the child development center over there which includes painting, plumbing, and carpentry.

“We try to use strengths from area to strengthen another, and it’s not just us going to Sri Lanka but it’s Sri Lanka coming here, that we can learn from each other, learn new and better ways to serve the communities where we are,” Major Cornell Voeller said.

The Rochester Salvation Army will deploy their representatives to Sri Lanka in November.

They’re excited to build, teach, minister, and support others who utilize the services the Salvation Army has to offer.