Non-Profit Wrench in Rochester looks for volunteers

Non-Profit Wrench looks for volunteers

Non-Profit Wrench looks for more volunteers.

(ABC 6 News) — Non-Profit Wrench is seeing a huge increase in the number of people asking them for help, and as a result, they are looking for more volunteers.

The nonprofit organization helps provide vehicle maintenance and services for people who are in hard times or have disabilities.

As of now, the organization has six volunteers, with the majority working in Rochester, they are willing to go into surrounding areas.

“There’s nothing quite like what we do,” says founder and Executive Director Jesse Campbell, who was one of the the winner’s of this year’s ABC 6 News Community Excellence Awards. “We do such a wide variety of work, and so we just get a lot of people asking for help and so it’s very needed.”

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Campbell also says there is a plan to open a shop in Rochester to help organize those volunteers as well as keep their equipment and perform job services.

If interested in volunteering or helping financially, find more information here.