Charles City Board of Education sued by former Superintendent

Charles City Superintendent lawsuit

Charles City Superintendent lawsuit

(ABC 6 News)—In Charles City, Iowa, a former superintendent is now suing the district she led for several years. She’s accusing school board members of tarnishing her 35-year career just as she was set to retire.

In April, the Charles City Board of Education placed Superintendent Anne Lundquist on administrative leave. In her lawsuit, Lundquist makes serious allegations, accusing multiple school board members of intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, and publicly sanctioning her in violation of policy.

According to court documents, a copy of Lundquist’s private employee evaluation forms was leaked to the board of education president. Lundquist alleges the president then contacted the board members, who placed her on administrative leave.

She says that constituted a violation of the open meetings policy and is seeking damages. The board of education met in a closed session with attorneys today, but they still need to release a public statement on the lawsuit.