Jurors convict 5, acquit 2 defendants in first Feeding Our Future trial

(KSTP) – A jury has convicted five defendants in the first federal trial regarding the massive Feeding Our Future fraud scheme.

Jurors found Abdiaziz Farah and Mohamed Jama Ismail guilty on all but one count, while Abdi Aftin and Said Farah were found not guilty of all charges.

Abdimajid Mohamed Nur was found guilty on 10 counts and not guilty on three counts.

Hayat Nur was found guilty on three counts and not guilty on two counts.

Mukhtar Sharif was found guilty on four counts and not guilty on two counts.

Credit: KSTP

“The verdict confirms what we’ve known all along: which is that the defendants falsified documents, they lied and they fraudulently claimed to be feeding millions of meals to children in Minnesota during COVID,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Thompson said during a news conference after the verdict was read. “The defendants took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to defraud the state of Minnesota and steal tens of millions of dollars. This conduct was not just criminal — it was depraved and brazen.”

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