Warmer, sunny to end the week; a hot, muggy weekend ahead

A weak but persistent area of low pressure has continued to make for a few showers across southern Minnesota and northern Iowa Wednesday afternoon. Showers will decrease quickly by 7 PM Wednesday evening. Under a partly cloudy to clear sky Wednesday night to Thursday morning, some areas of fog can be expected.

Thursday and Friday are going to be warm and sunny with temperatures running slightly above average for mid-July. An isolated shower or two is possible Thursday afternoon, but anything the develops will remain very small and will affect very few. Otherwise, sunshine and warmth will be the staples of our weather diet going into the weekend.

A ridge of high pressure will be taking over much of the northern U.S. late this week into the weekend, and our temperatures will rise into the mid to upper 80s this weekend. It’s not record-setting heat, but it is going to be uncomfortably warm thanks to dew points in the 70s through the weekend. By Sunday afternoon, the heat index will climb up to around 100 to 105 degrees in the ABC 6 area.

Next week is going to remain warm and generally quiet with plenty of sunshine and temperatures remaining in the 80s. Pretty typical July weather. Be sure to find some shade and drink plenty of water through the hot weekend.