Winter Storm Updates

Winter Storm Updates

February 25, 2019 10:54 AM

** 11:00 AM Monday Update***
Even though the wind from the blizzard is over, numerous highways remain closed or impassible early Monday afternoon. This INCLUDES I-35 & I-90. Even though some roads are listed as not being closed, travel is NOT ADVISED, due to compacting snow creating a thick layer of ice. Not to mention stranded vehicles in the road! 

Be careful driving around town even, there are several slick spots, again due to the compacted snow, leading to the ice. IF you HAVE to be on the roads, please listen to the warnings/advisories. Before you leave, fill up your gas tank, dress appropriately, and make sure you have a winter survival kit, including a warm blanket, in your vehicle. These conditions are not those you want to become stranded in for a lengthly period of time unprepared. 


Keep it on ABC 6 News on air and online for the latest information! Stay safe everyone! 
--ABC 6 Meteorologist Jim Peterson

** 6:10 PM Sunday Update***

Wind remains brisk, but not as bad as earlier, and still out of the NW. Please remember to clear out the fire hydrants, and around your gas meters & exhaust pipes. Also, major roads remain closed, so please reconsider traveling this evening. It's going to take a while for the road conditions to improve, so expect travel issues to remain in place heading into and through Monday. Also note, the very cold air on the way tonight/Monday. Wind chill values will be approaching -25 to -35 for the area. Please, dress accordingly Monday morning, and have that survival kit in your car, should you become stranded. Keep it on ABC 6 News on air and online for the latest information regarding this storm! 

--ABC 6 Meteorologist Jim Peterson

*** 6:00 PM Sunday Update*** 

A confirmed roof collapse has occurred at McNeilus Steele in Dodge center under the immense weight of the snow.

*** 4:20 PM Sunday Update***

Getting confirmation of a fire at Oshkosh-McNeilus in Dodge Center.  We're working on getting details on the situation.  Stay tuned to for updates.

*** 4:00 PM Sunday Update***

Hearing reports of various agencies and Good Samaritans using any means necessary to reach stranded motorists.  Tracked vehicles and heavy equipment with end loaders are the only means in some areas.  

*** 2:50 PM Sunday Update***

Chris here... looking at the state of our roads and the upcoming conditions.  I'm expecting major roads to stay closed well into tonight.  Some secondary roads may stay closed through most of Monday.  Given the upcoming cold, thick compacted ice is going to be a fixture on local roads for days to come.  It may take all week to fully recover from this.

*** 1:30 PM Sunday Update***

Law enforcement and local Department of Transportation offices continue to ask motorists to stay off the roads. Even though the accumulating snow is over, a very strong NW wind continues to bring blizzard conditions throughout the area, both outside and INSIDE city limits! All major roads in the viewing area for both southern MN and northern IA REMAIN CLOSED! This includes I-90 from Wisconsin to Jackson, MN. I-35 from Faribault to Ames, IA.  Please do not travel today. Blizzard conditions will be present all the way into tonight. Also to note, when it is time to clear off the driveway, please do so in a safe manner. This much snow, and type, has the nickname of "heart attack snow". Take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water, and if you are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, get inside and take it easy. Be sure to keep it on ABC 6 News on air and online for the latest information regarding the blizzard!

--ABC 6 Meteorologist Jim Peterson

*** 10:23 AM Sunday Update***

All major roads in and out of Rochester are now closed.  I90 closed from Wisconsin to Jackson.  I35 closed from Faribault to Ames, IA.  Many major roads in SE Minnesota and N Iowa are impacted.  Do not travel today. Blizzard conditions will be present all the way into tonight.

* * * 9:40am Sunday Update * * *
Falling snow has stopped and now the focus is going to be blowing snow on the back side of this strong low pressure system. Blizzard like conditions are expected to continue to impact the region throughout the rest of the day which is why the blizzard warning remains in effect through 6pm on Sunday. Winds are expect to be gusting upwards of 45-50 miles per hour, at times, which will eaisly toss around any loose snow on the ground creating low visibilities as well as large snow drifts across roads... making them nearly impassable. Snow totals are beginning to come in and many places stretching from Clear Lake north and east into the Rochester area picked up over a half a foot of snow... easily; in fact, several places were nearing a foot of snow with Kasson picking up around 13" of snow.

* * * 10:14pm Update * * *
Impassable and no travel advised road conditions continue to spread from the southwest northeast, extending further into parts of the ABC 6 forecast area. Already, places in and around the Albert Lea area are nearing a foot of snow and there's still plenty of hours left when it comes to the area seeing falling snow. Please make sure that you are staying off the roadways this evening as deputies are only responding to medical emergencies as road conditions remain dangerous and there's an active tow ban in Cerro Gordo county.

* * * 8:36pm Update * * *

IMPASSABLE road conditions are present across portions of the ABC 6 forecast area including cities like Albert Lea and just outside of Mason City, heading west along HWY 18. Reports of thundersnow have been present across portions of the forecast area as well including near Lyle and Blooming Prairie indicating strong updrafts. Several places have already picked up several inches of snow as snow fall rates near two inches per hour in some of the heavier bands.

* * * 5:50pm Update * * *
Heavy snow has started to fall across portions of i90, over cities like Albert Lea and Austin which has quickly reduced visibilities to a half a mile or less. This heavy snow is expected continued to expand and fall across the forecast area, with the heaviest expected overnight into Sunday. Most places will pick up around a half a foot of snow with some places picking up nearly a foot of snow before things are all said and done.

* * * 4:15pm Update * * *

Snow is beginning to make its way into southwestern portions of the forecast area as we go into the bottom of the 4pm hour. We're still expecting very heavy snow to fall as we go throughout Saturday evening with the heaviest snow falling between the hours of 9/10pm and 3/4am Sunday. During this time, the heavy snow is also going to be thrown around by strong wind gusts upwards of 45 miles per hour which means that road conditions are going to quickly deteriorate, visibilities are going to be minimal/nonexistent and accumulations are quickly going to add up. The blizzard warning is still in effect through 6pm on Sunday.

* * * Saturday 9am Update * * *

A powerful winter storm is impacting the region this weekend.  Heavy snow Saturday evening is expected to be accompanied by strong wind.  Blizzard conditions are looking likely Saturday night.


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