Tracking the end of the week

For the time being, all is quiet. Sunshine with a few clouds mixed in is the story for Tuesday and Wednesday. Between the two, on Tuesday night, a cold front will punch through. A brief pop of flurries is possible while we sleep. If you’re lucky, you’ll pick up a dusting of snow. But overall, little to no accumulation is expected.

Our next system is around to close out the week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday sees wide swings in conditions. Initially, we’re talking rain on Thursday. Snow on Saturday and in between on Friday, we’ll watch a warm front for possible thunderstorms. If we get that warm front to slide through, some may be strong. We’re set up on the northern edge of a severe weather setup that day.

Temperatures vary widely on Friday as a result. We’ll likely range from mid 40s to 70° across the area if that front does get up our way. Everyone will dial it back down to the 30s as we see a pop of snow on Saturday.