Galleria reopens after fire

(ABC 6 News) – The Galleria in downtown Rochester reopened on Friday after a fire broke out early Wednesday morning.

Most businesses at the Galleria are back open and resuming operations as normal, aside from a select few still dealing with damages from the fire.

BB’s Pizzaria is one of the businesses still closed, as they continue to work on damages, including a wall that needs to be replaced.

Clothing store Knights Chamber will wait one more day to reopen on July 1 due to harm caused by the smoke from the fire.

Other business, such as the Nordic Shop, were lucky to get away without sustaining any damage.

Owner Walter Hanson wasn’t present on the morning the fire occurred, but some of his employees were, and were able to help protect the store before evacuating.

“They actually sealed up our whole front of our store with packing tape, and then left, so they knew that we would not have any smoke that way,” said Hanson.

Management for Chester’s Kitchen and Bar said yesterday the fire may have started in a duct above the restaurant’s wood-burning rotisserie, but have since declined to provide further comment.